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Thank you for visiting this site. The simple fact that you are reading these words suggests that you have the desire, or hope, for the preservation of mankind. Perhaps you are here because you’re simply seeking knowledge. Then again, maybe you’ve recently or more often heard the terms “visualization and meditation” and just want to know more. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you’re here. In fact we have a gut feeling that you’ve arrived here because you have been called to a mission. Please read on, as we are a select group of people who may have a thing or two in common.

Transmutation and Planet Earth

It is our hope, and our aim, to bring awareness to a potentially catastrophic problem which exists among our species; a certain course of self-destruction. A deadly path upon which we as earthly inhabitants are, for the most part, unknowingly headed. In order to change things, or in attempt to avoid our demise, we must first admit that we have a problem. A deeper relationship with our planet as well as with one another must exist. It must exist not only on the surface of our conscious thoughts and conversations, but from deep within our souls—a real understanding and awareness of mistakes made by past generations… acknowledging the neglect of this planet by us all. But what do we do?

We must personally assume responsibility. Yes, it’s time we identify our faults, each and every one of us. We must race together toward positive change. We won’t give up because “it’s too late” …because it just may not be.

There is a concept of transmutation; a physical change which manifests through unified visualization and meditation. Simply put, coming together as mankind could be the solution for our planet, indeed the catalyst for change. But, in order to whole-heartedly agree together, and begin to act, we must educate ourselves.

Let Us Look At Some Facts

Visualization and MeditationA “course of self-destruction” may seem a harsh concept to accept as reality for some, but it mustn’t be perceived as a negative view of the future. There is nothing negative about acknowledging the inevitable extinction of our species and educating ourselves to react with positive enlightenment in an effort to change the entire world!

You are likely already aware that things are not evolving well for our planet, nor our species. Every major ecosystem is in decline, and brotherly love is virtually non-existent.

We have a plastic island the size of Texas floating in our ocean. Our atmosphere is consistently losing more oxygen in larger cities. Our soil is losing minerals. The polar ice caps are melting. The ocean is elevating in height and increasing in temperature.

Many species of plants and animals have become extinct, yet we continue to cut down the forests and drive them out. And let us not overlook ongoing battles of war—such a defunct track of greed and senselessness for this day and age. Yes, some form of transmutation is crucial, and the clock is ticking.

Our planet is in decline, and undeniably on a course of destruction. This is the reality, and it is the problem. But do we as a species possess the “spiritual power” to manifest a solution which would prevent our seemingly inevitable extinction?

Is There A Game Plan? A Remedy?

Can we as individuals make a difference? May we, by thought and/or prayer alone, realize change? These are questions we must ask ourselves and facts we must face head-on. It won’t be easy for some. There will be denial. ‘I’ll just bury my head in the sand and pretend that none of this is really happening’. Or maybe emotional flight: ‘I resort to drugs and find my escape (peace) every time I’m reminded of world problems’. Or perhaps others will say ‘come on, it’s not really that bad’… Or ‘good, I hope we all just die off faster. We deserve it. Besides, it doesn’t matter to me anyway—I’m going to heaven’.

Let us be reminded; we are all stewards of planet earth and we have a responsibility to leave behind a fruitful planet for generations to come. No more living in denial. No more selfish behavior. But, back to the question: Is there a remedy?

Well yes, there is a remedy. But we must work together in harmony to make our long-term survival a real possibility. The game-plan is quite simple. Are you familiar with the practice of creative visualization?

Wikipedia defines it this way: Creative visualization is the cognitive process of purposefully generating visual mental imagery, with eyes open or closed—simulating or recreating visual perception in order to maintain, inspect, and transform those images—consequently modifying their associated emotions or feelings, with intent to experience a subsequent beneficial physiological, psychological, or social effect… such as expediting the healing of wounds to the body, minimizing physical pain, alleviating psychological pain including anxiety, sadness, and low mood, improving self-esteem or self-confidence, and enhancing the capacity to cope when interacting with others’.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Physiological healing will happen for our entire planet if we work together—change for our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

It is time we learn to sit quietly and simply imagine, or moreover, clearly visualize changes that are necessary for our planet’s survival. We WILL see progress. We must work together to visualize on a massive scale. We MUST first believe that visualization and meditation are the answer.

 Visualization Meditation

So What Must I Do?

You really don’t have to do anything, rather we must work together to undo damage that has already been done. Visualization, or meditation and visualization working together, is not a “religious” project. In fact, a better definition would be: Transmutation through visualization is “science in action”. There have been countless studies conducted by the Silva Institute concluding that when we ‘decrease brain pattern speed’ from Beta wave 18 – 40 cycles per second to Alpha wave patterns (which are much slower), creative healing can be performed… even over long distances.

All of this may sound complicated and overwhelming at first, but let’s break it down; Relax—creative visualization requires thinking quietly, ultra-focused and relaxed about positive change… repeatedly and consistently.

We must make the time to visualize exactly what needs to happen to manifest change and believe that the solution is coming to fruition at this very moment. All of this may seem impossible at first. But remember, doubt and/or lack of faith will never see change. Once you become practiced and confident through creative visualization, you will begin to see change and to realize the endless possibilities. Just imagine the effects it could have on our species.

Creative Visualization In Action

The radio personality, Art Bell, once asked his audience of millions to simultaneously visualize rain. Within hours of this massive group effort, rain began to fall on the Canadian forest—which at that very moment had been burning out of control.

It is interesting to note, that a “thought” is actually a very high frequency vibration which is sent out into the grid. This is not a belief, it is fact. We humans posses much more power than we may realize.

That said, we must tap into that power and work together to coordinate our thoughts, in order to accomplish real change. Again, we must believe. On that note, the following is a list of the seven basic tenets of creative visualization:

The 7 Tenets:

1. Stop all war and fighting. Imagine, if we were to reallocate all war resources to be used for building solar, wind, wave generators, and desalination plants for instance. We could re-educate soldiers to perform healing work for our planet.

2. Clean your room. Remove all plastic pollution from the soil and ocean, etc….

3. Do not desecrate your house. Stop damaging the earth. ie mining, deforestation, fracking, etc….

4. Have tolerance for other kids that don’t look like you, or think like you. We must have tolerance for others in order to stop fighting, discrimination, and racism.

5. Understand that we all actually come from the same energy source. Whether you like it or not. Once you research this fact, you will find that we aren’t actually that different after all.

6. Slow down population growth. One of the root problems we have in housing, food and water deficiency, is simply a result of overpopulation.

7. Number seven is your choice. Surely you can think of something you feel passionate about. Transmutation will begin when you’re ready.

Practice these 7 tenets, and develop your personal hierarchy. There are so many problems that have not been listed here, but this should give you some idea of what is happening around you.

Transmutation and The Process of Visualization

Implementation of visualization is where the rubber meets the road

Visualization Meditation

We are asking that you set aside three (3) minutes per day to visualize and deeply imagine positive changes for the survival and betterment of our species.

Together, we can do this. The number 3, is a spiritual number. Relax while you are working and drop your brainwave pattern to a lower frequency. Always remember to be thankful for the changes (even before you see them realized). Be humble. Walk gently and in confidence through this world of choice. Do your part and own the responsibility.

Visualization Meditation

Please understand, we have much more power as a species than we may realize, but we must work together as a focused cohesive group in order to make these changes happen. Please visit this site frequently and offer up your comments or suggestions to help fuel other readers and contributors in our mission of hope for this planet. Communication is key.

Thank you for reading this page and remember, transmutation is a choice. Now, please take action. Give three minutes today to the brotherhood of man.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us–and the world will be as one” ~ John Lennon ~

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